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MaCo Dental Care


Mar 15 2016

Our experts will guide you

MaCo Dental Care is open for consultation to all the Dental Community.

Your questions either from a clinitian or a patient are more than welcome; let us guide you in the process of choosing the proper implant for your case or any consult you like.

We are here to help you in your choice, sure that Maco Dental Care will be a “Part of you” not only because we are one of the leading manufacturers but also because we believe it’s possible to make business in a sustainable and ethical way by offering top quality products for fair prices.

Who we are?

Dental Implants, and Prosthetic Attachments of International Prestige

MaCo International was was established in 1993 and is specialized in the sales and marketing of dental implants of a prestigious international brand.

Established by young people, but with an already considerable experience in the dental field in 1998 it was decided to start the production process of dental implants within an advanced production facility of 2,300 covered m2 over a total surface of 6,000 m2, comprising sophisticated equipments for production and treatment of dental implants. The facility is ISO 13485:2016 Certified and owns a CE certification for Class IIa and IIb devices.

Our mission

We wish to be a part of you

The company has always acted in synergy with the most advanced scientific and academic centers in Italy and abroad. The cooperation with the most known Universities, the continuous collaboration with skilled consultants and specialists in the dental business, have led to the development of unique, innovative, and reliable products.

MaCo Dental Care is an innovative company located in the south of Italy, aimed at the production of prosthetic products, specifically dental implants.

What is an implant?

What is an implant?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement of a tooth’s root witch varies in size and shape. The type of implant for a procedure depends on the procedure itself, the bone quality and the available space in the implantation site.

Today, most implants are produced from titanium. Titanium is a recognized biocompatible material (Not rejected by the body ad used in many other disciplines aside dentistry). Studies have shown that not only the titanium is compatible with the body but also friendly to the integration to it, this process of integration of the titanium with the bone is called “osteointegration”.

What is osteointegration?

What is osteointegration?

It is the structural linkage made at the point where the human bone and the surface of a synthetic meet.

This synthetic is often made from titanium or titanium based for this material is highly tolerated by the human body and is therefore easily integrated.

The implant manufacturers focus great part of the creation process to on the surface of implants they make, so these are more tolerated by human body, thus making the osteointegration faster, durable and effective.



MaCo in the World

Italy - Poland - Spain - Portugal - Iran - Azerbaijan - Algeria - Mexico - Guatemala - Colombia - Peru - Bolivia - Argentina

MaCo in the World

Maco International is a multinational company with a strong presence in Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Colombia as well as many other countries.

With presence in more than 15 countries around the world Maco distributes its products both directly and through dealers in Latin America, in several European countries, and in the Mediterranean with a strong expansion in Eastern Europe and Asia.

While MaCo International is significantly growing in new markets, its brand is already known and highly appreciated as the perfect symbiosis between high quality and affordable prices, thus demonstrating that it is possible to make business in a sustainable and ethical way.