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Placing an implant

Mar 16 2016

The implant placement procedure is routinely performed by surgeons all over the world and it’s ordered in phases.

  1. First of all there is an assessment of your mouth and teeth. You may be required to take a dental CT or a panoramic X-ray. The condition of your bone and gums will be the key to the implantation system that is required. Sometimes there is not enough space in your bone for an implant due to bone loss or many other possible causes, in such cases it’s possible to carry on with the procedure if a bone graft is placed prior to the implantation. There are also computer based implant pacifications that may avoid the bone graft procedure.
  2. The implant placement itself is a relatively quick procedure, performed in a dental clinic under local anesthetic. After the implant is placed the implant and gums are required to heal for some time and most importantly they are required to rest for the integration to occur, this integration takes from three to six months.
  3. Finally once the implant is integrated with the bone the dentist or oral surgeon will uncover the implant and place an abutment in top of it for the prosthetic solution for your particular case and restore your natural smile.

Today it’s possible to place an implant and its crown in the same day thanks to the immediate loading. It depends in your existing bone, your health and other factors. It is your dentist or oral surgeon who may tell you if you are or not a candidate for such a procedure.