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Tooth loss: Cause & Effect

Mar 16 2016

Strong teeth and an esthetic smile symbolize a good health and a healthy lifestyle. The loss or a tooth has serious psychological effects as well as it harms your quality of life and self-confidence.

Tooth Loss: Cause & Effect

There are several reasons for tooth loss: hereditary, trauma, periodontal disease or decay. It is possible to lose one or several elements from both upper and lower jaws. After losing one or more teeth there are changes in our oral cavity that affect our health. The entire oral cavity suffers changes after a tooth loss and is affected directly or indirectly. Adjacent teeth may be displaced to the empty space and causes the whole smile to change opening spaces in-between teeth (occlusion). Changes in the jawbone may lead to facial pain that might manifest overtime. Finally and most importantly, the loss of a tooth results in a bone loss around the missing tooth and might eventually lead to the impossibility of future restoration options.

Beyond the aesthetic

Extensive loss of teeth causes significant damage to the aesthetics of the face, the smile and the jawline. Tooth loss leads to an older look for the cheeks and the chin due to their shrinkage  the smile line gets significantly smaller. Additionally tooth loss may result in changes in your speech and pronunciation.