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Mar 16 2016


  • Cylindrical implant with a conical apical third with three blades that allow bone tissue chip lead and adapt easily, optimizing the primary retention.
  • Internal hex connection.
  • Two phase system.
  • Smooth neck for better adaptability and adherence to the soft tissues.
  • Double spiral system (micro spire) with a narrow pitch, in the coronal, to significantly increase the primary stability, and wide double spirals in the central and apical third to increase stability in cancellous bone.
  • Dual spire pitch 0.7mm.
  • Implant placement depend, and may vary, according to the requirements of the case to be treated, improved aesthetics will be directly proportional to the emergence profile achieved during the placement, as long as the three-dimensional position of the implant is correct accordance to the anatomic constants to take into account like the inner implant distance, distance from the adjacent tooth or the selection of the diameter of the implant itself.
  • Rough implant surface (MaCo Surface) developed by MaCo.
  • Ideal surgical situations which require an optimal emergence profile.
  • Mount free system.

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