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Succesfully placed implants with an amazing success rate


Mar 16 2016


  • Cylindrical implant with a conical apical third.
  • Angles that allow easy placement or removal of all prosthetic components, provides a anti-rotational function through its external hexagon.
  • Two phase system.
  • Smooth neck for better adhesion to the gingival tissue, the thin distance between the bottom edge of the crown and the first thread of the implant provides an advantage for the tissue around the implant.
  • The spire of the implant has an even pace with double top at a constant distance of 0.6mm each.
  • The edges of the implant spire are uniform.
  • The system has 5 diameters and lengths to meet the surgical needs.
  • Implant surface (MaCo Surface) developed by MaCo.
  • Mount free system for Easy Grip type key.
  • Wide range of prosthetic components.


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