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Three Lobes

Mar 16 2016


  • Cylindrical implant with tapered apical third specifically indicated for cases with convergent roots, or with a very tight space in the apical region of surgical site.
  • Trilobular connection.
  • Simplified system of drilling and placement market. Easy to understand for beginners and experts.
  • Double of single-phase system.
  • Double spire system and a micro thread in the coronal area to provide increased primary stability. This system works by giving greater stability and compression in coronal third, because the more twists into the surgical bed the more the retention that is obtained, which is why drilling must be very precise along with the placement, because if the bone is very cortical the coronal area must not be forced since there is a high concentration of forces on the neck of the implant.
  • Particularly suitable design if you want to achieve growth in places where the middle third and apical bone thickness are limited and have to resort to ancillary techniques such as "Split Ridge" for placement.
  • Also indicated in extraction sites and simultaneous placement.
  • The conical shape resembles a tooth root.
  • System with 4 diameters and 4 lengths.
  • Thread pitch of 0.7mm with rounded threads to avoid unnecessary trauma to the bone and thus improve osteointegration process.

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