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Mar 16 2016


MacOss is a bone substitute made of β-Tricalcium Phosphate, in complete compliance with the standards for biomaterials used in dentistry (ASTM F1088-2004).

As is well visible in the illustration below, the structure and the porosity of MacOss are very similar to those of bone trabeculae, so as to allow an excellent support as osteoconductor for capillary vessels and osteogenic cells in the process of bone formation.

The bioactivity and controlled composition of MacOss are involved in the process of remodeling, through a full osseointegration and an optimal bioabsorption which allow the replacement by bone of the patient.

The purity of β-tricalcium phosphate, more than 99%, allows the surface of the MacOss to react with the medium at physiological pH 7.6 dissolving and releasing molecules of hydroxyapatite which precipitate on the surface.

This reaction allows the formation of osteoblasts and collagen fibers that will form immature bone that will differentiate and mature until it is completely absorbed into newly formed bone.


  • Fill bone voids in post-extraction.
  • Coverage of fenestrations.
  • Extensive bone regeneration.
  • Reconstructions of the ridge.
  • Intrabony defects in periodontics.
  • Furcation lesions.
  • Root exposure.


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